Monday the 5th of July - Sunday the 25th of July

We are so excited and expectant for our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. Every time we put time aside to seek God, we see great breakthroughs in answered prayer.

Fasting supercharges our prayers!


  • Monday: Prayer onsite and IG LIVE 7am-7.30am
  • Tuesday: Prayer onsite 2pm-2.30pm
  • Wednesday: Prayer onsite and IG LIVE 7am-7.30am
  • Thursday: Prayer onsite 2pm-2.30pm
  • Friday: Prayer onsite and IG LIVE 7am-7.30am
  • Saturday: NA
  • Sunday: Prayer and Worship onsite after Church 7.15pm-8pm

All IG LIVE meetings will be held on our central instagram @c3powerhouse

Make sure to come along so we can encourage each other on our 21 days of prayer and fasting and believe together for God to great things! These prayer meetings are always powerful!


1) Us to draw closer to God

2) A season of revival for our church

3) Salvation of prodigals

4) Strong marriages and families

5) Supernatural breakthroughs

6) Miracles for church buildings

7) Powerhouse Conference


We have three fantastic resources below to encourage, inspire and help us around fasting.

The first is a video from Ps John about why fasting is powerful and some great practical tips - this is a must watch!

The second is a fantastic interview and testimony with David Krauter and Ps John – this will inspire you for getting breakthroughs!

Thirdly there is a PDF resource, a Fasting Factsheet from Ps Jentezen Franklin – this is a great place to start if you are new to fasting.

PS John Pearce - Fasting

Fasting interview with Ps John Pearce and David Krauter


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Fasting Guide