Your Next Step 
C3 Powerhouse Melbourne East


Welcome Party

We invite you to come to a Welcome Party if you are new to our church, no matter where you are on the pathway. Held the first Sunday of every month, this is a great opportunity to connect with some of our key team and meet some friendly faces.



This is the moment you say YES to Jesus and invite Him into your life through a prayer of repentance; placing your faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour.
Your relationship with God begins here.


Alpha Course

Alpha is a six week course that explores the Christian faith and is a safe place to bring your questions about life, Jesus and Christianity. Alpha will help you to grow in faith and understanding.



At the heart of having a relationship with God is encountering His love. At an Encounter event you will learn about the Holy Spirit and experience God's presence for yourself.


Water Baptism

Being fully immersed in water publicly represents the decision you have made to follow Jesus. It is an important step. Opportunities to be water baptised are given during designated C3 Powerhouse services.


Christian Essentials

A seven week course that leads you through important topics that are essential in developing a flourishing relationship with God. Topics include Church life, prayer, the Bible, sharing your faith, tithing, fasting and serving.


Freedom Experience

God’s heart for us is to find freedom! We all need freedom from our past, or it will sabotage our future. At a Freedom Experience you will receive prayer, encounter Jesus and find true freedom in Him.


Face-to-Face Appointment

Following on from the Welcome Party, there is a face-to-face appointment with a Pastor or key leader in our church to personalise your next step at C3 Powerhouse. We cannot wait to get to know you and help you get planted and flourishing.


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