Save the Date – Sunshine Coast Location

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24th January
14th March
9th May
4th July
29th August
24th October

Baby Dedications


14th March
11th July
21st November



Sunday 17th January
Sunday 28th February
Sunday 18th April
Sunday 13th June
Sunday 8th August
Sunday 3rd October
Sunday 28th November

Christian Essentials


24th January
14th March
9th May
4th July
29th August
24th October

Christmas Services

12th December
19th December

Dream Team Celebration

9th November

Dream Team United

9th March
11th May
13th July
5th October


2nd April – Good Friday AM Service
4th April – Sunday Services

Encounter Day


27th February
17th April
12th June
7th August
2nd October
27th November

Freedom Experience


6th March
24th April
19th June
14th August
9th October
4th December

Guest Speakers

David Hall 24th January
Shane Baxter 30th -31st January
Katie Haldane 31st January via Zoom & 19th September
Ps Phil & Chris Pringle – 21st February
Mike Connell – 23rd May
Andrew Denton – 13th June AM Services
Darlene Zschech – 29th – 31st July
Russell Evans 29th – 31st July
Corey Turner 22nd – 24th October

Leaders Big Day Out

30th January

3 Nights of Fire

21st – 23rd May with Ps Mike Connell
22nd – 24th October with Ps Corey Turner

Powerhouse Conference

29th – 31st July

Vision Sunday

14th February

Vision Sunday 2.0

13th June